Parents can also be the cause of depression

Every relationship works on a bond and the primary ingredient to keep this bond stronger and intact is understanding. The moment you loosen the grip over understanding, this bond of relationship also fails.

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It’s been more than 2 months since I last talked to my parents. Don’t be mistaken, I’m not staying away from my parents or busy to take out time to talk with them which has become a trend now. We stay together under the single roof but all we pretend is that we don’t even exist for each other. Like many other individuals, my life has its share of troubles. In my case, you can even use the terminology serial disaster because there looks no ending of disasters in my life. For me, today even a small success becomes a major cause of my joy as I have not yet witnessed the proper definition of big success in my life. In such a scenario when the inner world is in jeopardy, I look for external happiness to keep me moving. In this process, parents can play an essential role but don’t get me wrong. Your parents can also become the cause of your unhappiness and anxiety.

The hangover of being correct every time dilutes the understanding which is supposed to have in between a parent and child. It has been raining hard here since last few days but I’m in a try to reduce the heat of question which I have in my mind. “How can any parent who claims to love their child can stay conveniently so long without talking to their child?” just because they want their child to be sorry without any fault. At a time, when I needed their support most to overcome the trauma of serial disasters which I’m still facing, they have chosen a way which would add more to this trauma. I love my parents a lot but this is a time when I need their love the most which are missing today. I want them to stand rock behind me instead of crying about being unlucky parents whose child could not achieve what others have achieved.
I cannot stop recalling the time when I saw my mom getting less happy on others success but more sad about I have not been able to achieve the same. I also remember calling my relative of Delhi who conveniently said me over the phone “I was not expecting this from you. How can you do this to your parents?” But while training guns at me, she forgot to look at my side of the story. Maybe, I have earned the status of a rebel child but the reality is I’m a pained child engulfed with my miseries trying to win over my disasters in my life but it looks winning over the ego of parents is most important now. Parents are not always right and they can be a good reason behind your depressed soul.

Its time for the parents to read the unknown and unseen mind and soul of their children's.